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Supporting MSMEs to enhance their productivity, marketing & raise competitiveness locally and internationally.


JEDCO to lead MSMEs to achieve sustainable development in Jordan.


 Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) was established in 1972 as the government arm to support the private sector in Jordan to become competitive in the global markets.

JEDCO designs and executes a variety of development programs that target different sectors in the manufacturing, services and agro-industry domains. these programs are tailored to adapt Jordanian products to International needs by providing technical and financial support to start-ups and SMEs for their sustainability and growth. 

JEDCO is a government independent corporation led by a board of directors representing the public and private sectors equally and chaired by the Minister of industry, trade and supply.



Some of JEDCO’s targets and tasks include:



Jordanian businesses Motivating to sustain and grow by law and policies.



Enhance the capacity of SMEs through skill development to make effective use of these skills to improve competitiveness and productivity.



Developing Jordan business conditions for competitiveness in the global markets.



Cooperating with local and International donors to Increase the availability of access to finance for MSMEs.



Organizing programs for rural productivity projects to increase employment and delivery improvements.